Program Coordinator for Stokes and Surry County:

Dianna Cox                                                                336-386-3710

The Worthless Check Program was implemented in 2006 and has been a great success.  We have collected over $271,000 in restitution and state fees for Surry and Stokes counties.  Our goal is to obtain restitution through the program to avoid process in District Criminal Court.


Once the merchant receives notice of a bad check, they need to send the check passer a certified letter requesting payment for the check.  This must be sent certified mail and the check passer must be given 15 days in which to respond.  After 15 days, if the check passer has not responded to that request, the merchant can then contact the program coordinator for process through our program.  The merchant will need to provide to our office a copy of the letter sent, a front and back copy of the check, proof that the letter was sent certified and an affidavit (this is provided by our office).  At that time, the program coordinator will send a letter to the check passer giving them 30 days in which to respond.  The amount of time given could be extended but only with consent of the program coordinator and the merchant.  ONCE THE CHECK HAS BEEN TURNED OVER TO THE PROGRAM, THE MERCHANT CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT PAYMENT.

At this point, the check passer can pay the check through the Clerk of Court and they will then mail a check to the merchant.  If no payment is made by the due date, the program coordinator will then obtain either a Criminal Summons or a Warrant for Arrest for the check passer.

If the case goes to court, the merchant is placed on standby and will not need to come unless they are called.

The following information is needed from the merchant in order to process the check through our program:

  1. Merchant Name
  2. Merchant Address
  3. Merchant Phone Number
  4. Contact Name
  5. Merchant Tax ID or Social Security Number


For further information, please contact the program coordinator.

Worthless Check Program
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