There are several resources offered by the Conference of District Attorneys and the State that assist prosecutors in the areas of case law, legal research, and the answering of technical issues regarding questions of law.  Listed below are a few of these resources.

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor - The Traffic Safety Program is designed to improve North Carolina prosecutor’s ability to effectively prosecute DWI, Vehicular Homicide and other traffic cases.
Traffic Law Forum - An online forum designed to improve communication, gain knowledge and share hard work among prosecutors and law enforcement about traffic safety violations, particularly Driving While Intoxicated, Vehicular Homicide, and Vehicle crashes involving personal injuries. (Enter email address in the box provided to sign up)
Violence Against Women / Sexual Assualt Resource Prosecutor -This program provides prosecutors and law enforcement with technical assistance, professional training and resources to improve the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence and sexual violence against women.
Financial Crimes Initative / Financial Crimes Resource Prosecutor -The Financial Crimes Initiative is a program of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys established to advance the prosecution of non–violent criminal offenses motivated by an attempt at personal or organizational financial gain.
School of Government: Criminal Law Section - A list of criminal law resources offered by the SOG.
Jeff Welty's Blog - Information about, and a forum for the discussion of, North Carolina criminal law and procedure and related topics.
Jesse Smith's Compendium - Contains comprehensive, searchable annotations of significant cases affecting criminal proceedings in North Carolina from Nov. 2008 - present.
The Prosecutor Encyclopedia - A free resource to prosecutors that contains thousands of expert witness transcripts, including videos of actual testimony, case summaries, briefs, commentary from fellow prosecutors, and discussion forums.
Lexis Nexis Training Opportunities - How to recieve free training on the tools you need to extract the essentials from the overwhelming amount of information available from Lexis Nexis.
AOC Legal Memos - A growing list of criminal legal memos distributed by AOC.