To most people, the Holocaust represents one of several tragic events that occurred during WWII. The study of the Holocaust provides an important insight into the consequences that can occur when the government shifts the mission of the police from protecting individuals to a policy of abusing basic human rights.

How Germany changed in less than a decade from a free, democratic, and scientifically advanced society to a totalitarian regime that systematically targeted and murdered millions of its own citizens is a lesson a free society must learn - or be destined to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

Working with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Arizona Post and the Arizona Prosecuting Attorney's Advisory Council (APAAC), the Conference of District Attorneys is sponsoring this course as part of our Best Practices Initiative. “What You Do Matters” examines policing within the legal and political framework of Nazi Germany - a journey that eventually turned those who should protect life and liberty into those who intimidated, humiliated, deported, and eventually murdered millions of innocent people. Using historical images and stories from the Holocaust, the course utilizes trained facilitators to engage law enforcement officers and prosecutors in a dialogue about the role of law enforcement in today’s communities and the importance of core values in ensuring the integrity and vibrancy of democracy.

Date/Time: August 16, 2019; 9:00am - 1:00pm

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