Victim Services

The Victim Services Program was first integrated into Wayne County District Attorneys office in October 1986. Since that beginning, services have expanded and various statutes have been passed setting out specific duties to which Victim/Witness Assistants must adhere. The statutes are primarily designed to provide specific rights to victims of felony violent crimes, to wit: armed robbery, felony child abuse, rape, burglary, domestic violence, embezzlement in excess of $100,000 to name a few... However, this office offers victim services to other victims of home break-ins, vehicle break-ins, larcenies, and possession of stolen goods, embezzlement, and many other crimes which are not designated in the Statute for specific services. We try to serve all victims of felony crimes.

V/W/Legal Assistants assist with preparation and completion of Victim Impact Statements, Victim Compensation Applications, return of property following disposition of cases in court. Wee coordinate victim and witness attendance in court, prepare restitution forms to be presented to the court for losses suffered by victims, accompany victims or witnesses to court if requested, notify by letter and copy of judgment the disposition of cases in court, arrange for travel to and from court if a victim or witness has no means of transportation, book travel and hotel accommodations for out of town or out of state witnesses, and any other duties necessary to provide a smooth transition of victims and witnesses through the court system.

If you should become a victim of a felony crime or domestic violence in Wayne County and you need assistance or need information about our services, you may contact our office at (919) 722-6200.