Criminal Docket Management

Criminal Docket Management is a system designed to facilitate timely disposition of superior court criminal cases in order to minimize inconvenience to victims and witnesses. The Criminal Docket Management System addresses several different needs. This system allows defense attorneys and prosecutors to talk about a certain cases up to three times before it is scheduled for trial, with a Resident Superior Court Judge monitoring each administrative session. CDM allows the attorneys to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the cases in order to discuss an appropriate disposition for each case pending in superior court. The system also reduces the time victims and witnesses are in the courtroom. They know when their cases will be discussed and are notified before pleas are taken. As a result of these early administrative sessions, the number of pending cases has been greatly reduced by the entry of pleas prior to the cases being placed on a trial docket.

For more information, please read the complete Rules for Criminal Docket Management in Criminal Superior Court for Prosecutorial District 13.