Child Victim Assistance Program

The Citizen's Rights Division of the Attorney General's office oversees the Child Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) in North Carolina. This joint effort between the Attorney General’s Office and five selected prosecutorial districts, including district 13 in Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus Counties, is an invaluable resource for child victims and their families during their involvement in the criminal court process. The CVAP has served the 13th Judicial District since July 2000. The program offers support and resources to ensure that child victims and their families are not “re-victimized” by the court system in our attempt to promote justice. Support and services include:

Helping child victims and families access local community services such as counseling and support groups.

Educating the child victim about the judicial system in an age appropriate manner.

Assisting the family with Victim's Compensation (compensation through NC Crime Control and Public Safety), and other victim related issues.

Keeping victims/families informed of court proceedings and parole status.

Accompanying the victim and family while in court (e.g. during interviews, plea bargains, trial proceedings, or sentencing.)

Educational opportunities for community on prevention and awareness.

Please contact Rose Hearn, Child Victims Assistance Program Driector, for more information on this program, or you may contact our office in Bladen, Brunswick or Columbus County.