Defensive Driving School

I want you to become a safer driver. Our area Community Colleges and local law enforcement officials all want you to become a safer driver. We have all joined forces to start a Defensive Driving Program. If you have been charged with one of the offenses listed below, you may be allowed to plead guilty to the non-moving violation of Improper Equipment. All you must do is successfully complete the four hour Defensive Driving Program offered by the local community college in the county where you received your ticket and pay the appropriate fees. -Jon David, District Attorney

Effective March 1, 2012 the District Attorney’s Office requires Defensive Driving School (DDS) for any reduction or dismissal for defendants 18 years or younger. This applies to all moving violations, e.g. speeding, collisions, and minor infractions. The extent of the reduction for speeding violations will be in accordance within the Traffic Court Chart.pdf listed here.

Please visit our Traffic Court page for defendant affidavits, attorney affidavits and plea agreements (permission to enter) defensive driving school.