Traffic Court

The State Bar of North Carolina prohibits staff members of the District Attorneys office from giving you advice on how a plea may affect your drivers license or insurance. We CANNOT do it so please do not ask. You should seek the advice of a lawyer on those issues. You may also consult for insurance information.

Please note, the District Attorneys Office WILL NOT continue court dates outside of court.

Effective March 1, 2012 the District Attorney’s Office requires Defensive Driving School (DDS) for any reduction or dismissal for defendants 18 years or younger. This applies to all moving violations, e.g. speeding, collisions, and minor infractions. The extent of the reduction for speeding violations will be in accordance within the Traffic Court Chart.pdf listed here. Defendants will need to come to the District Attorney's Office to pick up permission forms for the Defensive Driving School.

Below you will find, attorney affidavits and County specific plea agreements (permission to enter) for defensive driving school. Should you have any questions concerning these forms, please contact us.

Bladen County

Attorney Affidavit
Plea Agreements for Defensive Driving School

Brunswick County

Attorney Affidavit
Plea Agreements for Defensive Driving School

Columbus County

Attorney Affidavit
Plea Agreements for Defensive Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic Court:

Q- Will having a speedometer calibration help?
A- No. Of course, if you have your vehicle calibrated, it will allow you to have it repaired if needed.

Q- What should I bring to Court?
A- The copy of your ticket and cash or a money order to pay your court cost. You can also expect a total cost, generally between $155 - $270.

Q- Do I need an Attorney?
A- It never hurts to have an attorney represent you, but you may appear alone (pro se).

Q- Can I pay by check?
A- No, only by cash or money order.

Q- What if I do not show up for court and do not pay the ticket?
A- That is not a smart thing to do. Shortly after you fail to show, your privilege to drive will be revoked. You will have to pay an additional penalty to regain your privilege to drive.