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Thank you for visiting the web site of the District Attorney's Office in Prosecutorial District 21. This District includes all of Anson, Richmond, and Scotland Counties in North Carolina. The mission of the District Attorney's Office is to seek justice by ensuring that victims' rights and the public's safety are our number one priority through the fair, equal, vigorous and efficient enforcement of the criminal laws.

The goal of this website is to make the information and services provided by the District Attorney's Office and the criminal justice system available to the public. Please take the time to search each page and explore all the information provided. Should you have any questions, we have also included details on how you may contact our office.

The criminal justice system can sometimes be complex to understand. If you would like help learning about its process and/or components, you may start by reading the information below, and following the links on this page.

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W. Reece Saunders, Jr. is a native of Richmond COunty, North Carolina. After graduating from Rockingham High School, he attended Wingate College and Wake Forest University. He enrolled in Wake Forest School of Law where he graduated in 1977.

Reece returned to Richmond County in the fall of 1977 and began his law career. he has been in private practice in the 20th Judicial District (now 16C) for 30 years. He also served for three years in the mid 80's as a District Court Judge for District 20.

In 2010, Reece was elected to serve as District Attorney for District 20A, which includes Anson, Richmond and Stanly counties. In 2014 the NC Legistature split District 20A into two districts, and Reece became the District Attorney for the newly created prosecutorial District 16A.

He is married to his former law partner, Melanie Carroll. He has three children, Claire, Laurel and Michael. Reece, Melanie and Michael are members of First United Methodist Church in Rockingam.

Court Terminology Here you will find a comprehensive list of various words and phrases, along with their definitions, used frequently in the Criminal Justice System. This collection of terms and definitions are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended for legal use or direction. The list is separated into three sections by the first letter of each word or phrase:

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Frequently Asked Questions Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Criminal Justice System. We have tried to include a wide range of questions and answers to shed light on what can be a confusing process.

If you have questions concerning a specific court date and/or a specific court case, please feel free to contact us.

Court Process Here you will find a brief description of the court process, from arrest to sentencing, along with a diagram to help better your understanding of the Criminal Justice System.

Victims Rights Here you will find a list of victims' rights and responsibilities, and information on what to do if you are threatened or intimidated. You can also find information concerning the Victims Compensation Program.

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