Financial Crimes Inititive

Financial Crimes Initiative

The Financial Crimes Initiative is a program of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys established to advance the prosecution of non–violent criminal offenses motivated by an attempt at personal or organizational financial gain which principally involve traditional notions of: deceit, deception, concealment, manipulation, breach of trust, or other illegal circumvention and/or violate fiduciary responsibilities or public trust  and traditional cases involving fraud and corruption.

This program will prosecute offenders, recover compensation for both individual and corporate victims and produce state-wide economic savings.

Through the Financial Crimes Initiative,  the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys will develop and provide essential training and valuable resources to  prosecutors, law enforcement, allied professionals and state  and the community.  We are committed to being a leader in the establishment of partnerships with these groups to allow a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to fighting financial fraud in North Carolina.

Financial Crimes Initiative Team

The Financial Crimes Initiative team, comprised of the White Collar Crime Resource Prosecutor and four Regional Financial Crimes Prosecutors, is committed to making a difference in the prosecution of financial crimes in North Carolina. This team serves as a resource to the elected district attorneys across the state by offering various levels of prosecutorial assistance in area of financial crime. These crimes are often highly complex, involve large volumes of documents and evidence and required a focused approach. These specialized prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting select financial crimes cases throughout North Carolina.