Listed below is a summary of publications released by the Conference of District Attorneys including Resource Manuals and Newsletters. For information on how you may obtain any of the listed publications that are not in an electronic format, please contact us.


Through grant funding, the Conference publishes several quarterly newsletters and informational publications.

For copies of past newsletters or any publication, please contact us.

Resource Manuals

Through grant funding, the Conference has published several Resource Manuals aimed at assisting North Carolina prosecutors in the administration of justice. These Resource Manuals call upon the collective knowledge of Resource Prosecutors as well as nationally recognized experts to provide a systematic approach to investigating and prosecuting crime.

Below is a sampling of Resource Manuals the Conference has published.
Child Abuse Resource Manual: Child Physical Abuse & Homicide DWI Resource Manual for Law Enforcement
Child Abuse Resource Manual: Child Sexual Abuse DWI Resource Manual (Third Edition)
Domestic Violence Resource Manual Vehicular Homicide in North Carolina
DWI Primer: Quick Reference Guide Sexual Assault Resource Manual
DWI Magistrate's Primer Victims Rights Handbook (English and Spanish)

Training Brochures

Through grant funding, the Conference publishes a yearly training guide outlining planned training during the calendar year. "The Source" is sent to all NC Prosecutors, usually in early December.

School of Government Publications

The North Carolina School of Government provides many additional publications for prosecutors. For a list of SOG publications and how you can order them, please visit: