Child Abuse Resource Program

Since 2005 the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys has received funding from the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission to implement a program designed to improve the ability of North Carolina prosecutors to effectively prosecute cases of child abuse and neglect. Under the Child Abuse Resource Program, the Conference strives to provide consistent training and assistance.

The Child Abuse Resource Program is responsible for assessing training needs related to investigating and prosecuting child abuse/neglect and developing and implementing training to address those needs. The Program serves as a resource to prosecutors across the state in evaluating, charging, prosecuting, and appealing child maltreatment. The Program also provides assistance to other allied professionals such as law enforcement, child protective services workers, and medical providers regarding the evaluation and investigation of child abuse and neglect as well as legal issues surrounding these types of cases.

The Conference provides two Child Abuse Resource Manuals, one directed to child sexual abuse and the other directed to child physical abuse and homicide, and other technical assistance for prosecutors, law enforcement and other child abuse professionals to effectively identify, investigate, and prosecute cases of child abuse and neglect. The Conference also publishes a Child Sex Abuse Charging Guide and a Law Enforcement Child Abuse Reference Guide as well as a one-page Child Physical Abuse Primer.

If you are a prosecutor, law enforcement officer, or other child abuse professional and have any child abuse and neglect legal questions or concerns, please contact the Child Abuse Resource Prosecutor at 919-890-1500.

North Carolina Child Abuse Forum

Join our online forum, “NC Child Abuse”, designed to improve communication, gain knowledge and share hard work among prosecutors and law enforcement about issues concerning child abuse.

This forum will allow discourse across North Carolina on issues that come up in this complex area of law and criminal procedure. As an added benefit, this forum will enable the Conference of District Attorneys to identify areas of training needed for prosecutors and law enforcement across the State.

For more information regarding the forum please contact whitney.h.belich@nccourts

Additional Resources

Below you will find additional resources to assist prosecutors, law enforcement and victims of child abuse and neglect:

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