Financial Crimes Initiative Program

The Financial Crimes Initiative of North Carolina was created by the Conference of District Attorneys in January 2013 using funds from a national mortgage fraud settlement with several financial institutions.  The program was established to advance the prosecution of criminal offenses motivated by an attempt at personal or organizational financial gain. The Financial Crimes Unit has established itself as a leader in the creation of partnerships with other organizations dedicated to fighting financial crime and remains dedicated to applying this type of collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to prevent financial crimes from occurring in North Carolina.          

Through the Financial Crimes Initiative, the Conference of District Attorneys can identify, assess, and research emerging issues related to financial crimes.  As a result, the program continuously develops training, publishes articles, and provides educational materials to prosecutors and other members of the criminal justice community. The Financial Crimes Unit also supplies information to citizens across North Carolina about the dangers associated with financial crimes. 

The Financial Crimes Unit routinely partners with law enforcement and other allied professionals to prosecute a variety of complex financial crimes throughout North Carolina. Since its inception, the Financial Crimes Unit has handled a variety of matters including embezzlement, corporate malfeasance, public corruption, securities fraud, elder exploitation, athlete agent violations, insurance fraud, and healthcare fraud. The Financial Crimes Unit also focuses its efforts on recovering restitution for individual and corporate victims which in turn produces state-wide economic savings.

As part of the Financial Crimes Initiative, the Chief Financial Crimes Resource Prosecutor leads the Financial Crimes Unit. This team consists of several regional prosecutors and administrative professionals all dedicated to the prosecution of financial crimes. In addition to prosecuting financial crimes, the Financial Crimes Unit develops and implements training for prosecutors, law enforcement, and other allied professionals in the identification, investigation, and prosecution of financial crimes. The Financial Crimes Unit also provides assistance and other resources to prosecutors when they encounter challenges in complex financial crime cases.     

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